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Be Your Own Legal Marketer – Part 1

Be Your Own Legal Marketer – Part 1

Recognitions and honors are what the marketing world calls third-party validations, and they can be extremely valuable marketing tools for attorneys. They make you stand out in an increasingly competitive legal market. However, these benefits mean more when you promote them. To succeed in your marketing strategy, take every opportunity to tout your firm through communication with your audiences (employees, customers, potential clients, related industry associates, etc.) to inform them about the recognition. The key is to share the achievement in a way that showcases your firm without coming off as self-serving.


Consider these four tactics below when spreading the word about your legal achievements for a well-rounded marketing approach. Also be sure to download our inaugural Playbook Leveraging Your Legal Accolades, which breaks down the importance of self-promotion in the legal marketplace.


Press releases are traditional but still useful, particularly to reach media organizations. They can produce major benefits in marketing and public relations campaigns, even if they don’t receive placement in major media outlets. The main advantage of disseminating a press release on the Web is its ability to build on keywords, links, tags and meta-tags-which contribute to the traffic on your website and your website’s ranking.


Whether it’s case results, state bar certifications, scholarly writings or court admissions, make sure you place them prominently on your website. This might be a long list, but it’s worthwhile for promoting your reputation to potential clients. Devoting a section on your firm’s website to achievements and accomplishments is an excellent way to honor hard work and build morale. Shining light on these successes with testimonials from prominent attorneys also provides valuable content that potential clients will appreciate.


Include the news of legal accolades and achievements in your email newsletters to share the full story of your honor. Be sure to focus the content on all of the various people who made this accomplishment possible. If that’s not an option, little things like adding relevant certifications or top list selections to your email footer can go a long way in building rapport with potential clients.


Securing print advertising to promote your accolades contributes to a well-rounded marketing approach. Use any logos, badges or branding elements that accompany your achievements. Be sure to put them on your direct mail pieces and include them on your business cards. The more prominent you make them, the better your firm will look. They tell consumers that an established entity vouches for your firm.

We hope your now equipped with a little background on the power of self-promotion. Chances are you have recognitions to tout such as certifications, selections to top attorney lists, recommendations, scholarly writings and awards. You’ve done the hard work to be recognized, now it’s time to spread the news and create brand awareness for your firm. Download Leveraging Your Legal Accolades today.

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