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Be Consistent Online and in Print

Be Consistent Online and in Print

Print provides an opportunity to reach a captive legal consumer audience, but you can’t simply throw together a hurried ad and count it a success.

It may seem obvious, but consistency is a necessity when it comes to pairing print and online legal marketing. Readers of your firm’s marketing in a magazine or newspaper are ready and willing to learn about you. In fact, 88 percent of readers understand and retain information better in print, and research by the Association of Magazine Media noted that magazines rank first in keeping a consumer’s attention.

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Print is still an important piece to any marketing strategy, which is why we put together the Super Lawyers playbook, Finding a Place for Print in Your Law Firm’s Marketing.

Don’t waste that attention by providing potential customers with varied and contradictory information or feelings about your firm. Because your print advertising serves your greater marketing strategy, a cohesive messaging with your web presence and social media platforms is needed to strengthen both paths. In addition, Super Lawyers and Rising Stars selectees who advertised in their state’s magazine saw three times as many page views to their Super Lawyers online profile in 2017 compared to those without a magazine advertisement.

First things first, your law firm’s branding must be consistent across all of your marketing properties. That may seem intuitive, but it’s not always followed. If your firm is inconsistently represented wherever potential clients are looking for you, it speaks of confusion and inattention to detail. That could cost your firm a future customer. It does take time to manage consistency, but it’s well worth the effort. It isn’t overstating to say unreliable information erodes confidence and impacts public perception.

Another often overlooked part of maintaining brand integrity centers on the tone of your law firm’s content and the look and feel of print ads. To avoid reader confusion, the content on your website should share messaging and appearance with wherever you are referenced online. Each brand has its own voice and tone, in the same way every person has the same general speech pattern. Each of us has our own voice, which doesn’t change, but our tone changes depending on context. Your law firm is no different. Make sure you have an established voice and your tone aligns across marketing avenues.

The quality, consistency and professionalism of content from your firm influences potential clients. Make sure readers easily understand your ability to solve their problems, trust who you say you are and compel them to contact you.

To learn more about how print can bring in clients, read the Super Lawyers playbook, Finding a Place for Print in Your Law Firm’s Marketing.

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