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Attorneys for Super Lawyers Named Lawyers of the Year

Attorneys for Super Lawyers Named Lawyers of the Year

Who says Super Lawyers doesn’t know how to pick ’em?

Two of the lawyers we chose to represent us in New Jersey to fight Opinion 39 — Kevin McNulty, and Ben Wasserman — have been named the New Jersey Law Journal’s Lawyers of the Year for 2008. Also honored was Fred Dennehy, who represented Best Lawyers of America.

On December 17, the New Jersey Supreme Court vacated Opinion 39 which sought to prohibit lawyers’ participation with Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers.

In recognizing the legal team’s work in protecting lawyers’ First Amendment rights to advertise, the Law Journal states:

“They championed the notion that the marketing of legal services has evolved and that consumers are not easily gulled.

“They argued New Jersey regulators out of taking a position at odds with lawyer advertising regimes in other jurisdictions.

“And they convinced a special master and the state Supreme Court that Opinion 39’s blanket suppression of rating services with comparative words in their titles violated commercial free speech rights.”

Other lawyers playing key roles for Super Lawyers were Josh Rosenkranz of the New York office of Orick, and Minneapolis attorney Roy Ginsburg, who served as our local counsel.

Congratulations to our legal team on the well-deserved honor!

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