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Attorneys and Instagram: One Firm’s Approach

Attorneys and Instagram: One Firm’s Approach

Todd Spodek, founder of Spodek Law Group P.C. in New York City, is a trial lawyer who was named to the Super Lawyers Rising Stars list and has been featured on Fox News, Entertainment Tonight and Entrepreneur.com. He’s also mastered social media for his firm, especially Instagram, and recognizes how it helps him relate with legal consumers. Recently, we caught up with Spodek to find out how he uses social media platforms like Instagram to reach potential clients.

Attorneys and Instagram: One Firm's Approach 1Why do you think it’s important for your law firm to be on Instagram?

I think Instagram is a phenomenal thing. First of all, it’s free. We are an ambitious law firm, and we want to be where our clients are. We want to be part of the conversation and we want to stay relevant.

We also want to connect with clients in a personal non-legal way and Instagram allows us to do that. At the end of the day, what differentiates your law firm from every other firm? In addition to our legal work, our clients want to know that we also take down porterhouse steaks at Peter Lugers, and enjoy the happy hour at Ten Bells.

We’re not trying to run in place. I’m trying to make our firm better, bigger and stronger. We’re trying to stand out from everyone and I think our peers and clients are taking notice.

What kind of time and strategy does it take to maintain your social media accounts and what does success look like for you?

It’s a coordinated process amongst a select few. We do it in-house, selectively, naturally and organically. We try to post about things that are relevant to us in our lives and the lives of our clients. We try to post every day and I try to keep it fresh and touch aspects of our lives that we are dealing with on a personal level. I want to give a small window into what it would be like working with us. Success for me is just having it grow naturally over time.

We want old, new and prospective clients to see the type of people that work here and would be working on your case. If someone’s coming in here and they want to talk about something that’s very sensitive to them, it’s nice to connect somehow. We want them to understand that this is not the law firm of yesteryear. We try to connect with them in a way that makes sense to them. We are approachable and available.

What advice do you have for other law firms looking to start an Instagram account?

I think you have to offer something of value. A lot of the firms that I see literally post pictures of themselves with hashtag advertisements. This adds nothing to the conversation and the truth is no one will find you! No one is searching for #lawyer; they are searching for hashtags connected to their interests. I don’t know why people don’t avail themselves of all the social media marketing avenues. I think that if you actually take the time to find a niche that you can develop, you will reap rewards. Whether it is brand recognition, leads and/or just relevancy in the community it will pay off in the long run.

To find out about Todd and his team at Spodek Law Group P.C., visit their website and follow them on Instagram. In addition, you can follow Super Lawyers on Instagram.

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