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April Editorial Review

April Editorial Review

Each new issue of Super Lawyers Magazine highlights attorneys throughout their respective states who have a unique approach to the craft. They are well respected by their colleagues, successful in their practice area and dogged in their pursuit of success. Here are their stories from the past month.

2017 South Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine

SCSLRS17_SM_Cover.jpgAt age 71, Terry Richardson isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The personal injury attorney whose practice is in his hometown of Barnwell has been representing clients in South Carolina and around the country for 43 years and he’s still going strong. His colleagues call him the “Energizer Bunny” while his kids, two of whom are attorneys, refer lovingly to his notes and suggestions for their own cases.

Richardson has made a name for himself defending asbestos clients and going up against tobacco companies and Norfolk Southern. He was the attorney behind the Manuel Salazar case who lost all four limbs after he was electrocuted on a construction site. Richardson prides himself on representing clients who don’t have the means to go up against large corporations with multiple attorneys on staff.

When he’s not working, Richardson enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren. He and his wife Gail are also involved in education and conservancy initiatives throughout the state.

2017 Virginia & West Virginia Super Lawyers Magazine

VAWVSLRS17_SM_Cover_BLOG.jpgBrett Marston learned a lot from growing up on a farm. The construction attorney for Gentry Locke out of Roanoke, Virginia spent ten years of his childhood on the family tobacco farm picking leaves, pruning plants and providing general upkeep throughout the growing season. He learned the value of working with his hands and his father learned that he wanted his son to be more than a tobacco farmer.

Marston has been practicing at Gentry Locke ever since he graduated law school in 1992. He quickly moved up the ranks and is now the head of the construction group, where he has input on all big cases that come through the firm.

When he’s not in the office he can be found with friends and family gathered on the dock of his vacation home at Smith Mountain Lake.

2017 New Jersey Super Lawyers Magazine

While no one can be completely defined by their relationship with an adversary, Alan Zegas sure does come close. The criminal defense attorney located in Summit just west of Newark, New Jersey has been battling former New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christi in one way or another for a large portion of each man’s career.

Zegas was the head attorney for David Wildstein who was convicted of orchestrating Bridgegate, where the Christi administration allegedly closed lanes of the George Washington Bridge to retaliate against a political opponent. But their rivalry extends further back to when Zegas went toe-to-toe with the then U.S. attorney on several cases.

Now that Bridgegate is behind him, Zegas is back to focusing on his firm which practices in New York and New Jersey.

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