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Advertising Super Lawyers Listing OK’d by the Michigan Bar

Advertising Super Lawyers Listing OK’d by the Michigan Bar

We actually missed this one…but better late than never!

Back in June, the Michigan Bar Association issued an opinion on whether Michigan attorneys can advertise that they were on the Super Lawyers list. The upshot: yes, they can.

Attorney advertising in Michigan is governed by the Michigan Rule of Professional Conduct (MRPC), which prohibits false and misleading statements as well as comparing the lawyer’s services with other lawyers’ services, unless the comparison can be backed up by fact.

The Michigan Bar Association looked at the Super Lawyers methodology found that an attorney who advertises inclusion on this list was consistent with the MRPC. In other words, the Super Lawyers listing process is verifiable, discriminating, backed by research and not available for a price. The Michigan Bar cautions attorneys to note the year of their listing in the publication, and to assert that they are on the Super Lawyers list rather than saying that they are “the best” or “super”.

Read the whole opinion here.

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