Print is Integral to Integrated Marketing

Think about your commute to work this morning. You probably heard ads on the radio, drove past billboards or saw advertisements on the train. How many of these registered with you, consciously or otherwise? It's safe to say most of them probably slipped right past without making an impression of any kind.


This illustrates the jostling that needs to take place in order for brands to catch a consumer's attention. With everyone angling for a piece of the pie, it's not so easy to get to! This applies to every industry, including the legal field.

Successful law firms understand that in a marketplace as competitive as ours today, no one channel will do the trick all on its own. If you try to communicate via only one medium, you simply are not going to reach large portions of your most critical target audience. This is why an integrated marketing plan is essential. In general, an integrated marketing plan considers the intended audience and tries to speak to its members through several channels, increasing the likelihood that one those channels will connect, even if the others do not.

A solid integrated marketing plan will look different from firm to firm, but there is one feature they all have in common: each will incorporate a print component. In fact 67% of online searches are driven by offline messages.

Yes, your law firm needs an attractive website. Yes, it should be active on key social media channels. But think back to your commute and remember all the ways brands tried to get you to pay attention. A website and social media are must-haves, but neglecting print would mean ignoring the consumers who tune out Tweets and status updates and are used to seeing very polished-looking websites. Print is a very powerful medium, and it can reach potential clients other channels simply cannot get to. There's no likelihood your ideal customer base does not include people for whom print works.

Once again, no one channel is going to do it all, and that includes print. It's certainly not at all a magic bullet, but it absolutely is an important instrument to have in your toolkit. To learn more about reaching a massive audience with Super Lawyers branded print advertising visit