Power of the Page: Print Packs a Punch

In 2017, digital marketing is, of course, critical to the success of your law firm. In order to cast the widest net possible, you need to reach future clients on social media, have a solid body of good client reviews and run a clean, professional website.


Contemporary marketing tactics like those, however, are not the whole story. As noted earlier, an integrated marketing strategy is comprehensive. That means print, a marketing standby by for decades, is every bit as vital to a thriving law firm today as it ever was.

What is it about print that gives it its enduring success?

  • Permanence: In this day and age, it can seem as though a social media update is here one minute and gone the next - often replaced by a more current update from one of your competitors. That is not the case with print, which is solid and long-lasting by comparison. Its permanence means it has stamina in promoting your marketing message.
  • Quality: Some potential clients are very tactile people. Nicely designed marketing collateral printed on thick, glossy paper stock appeals to them in ways other mediums just do not. This kind of potential client will just not be prompted into action by a radio ad, Tweet or television spot.
  • Uniqueness: People will gradually tune out messages over time if they are delivered through the same channel over and over again. Each subsequent message will simply become part of the ambient noise of day-to-day life. That is why reaching out via an unexpected channel can really have an impact. Try to connect with your potential clients through all mediums, but print may deliver the impact you are looking for because it is not an avenue your competitors are utilizing effectively.
  • Legitimacy: Printing something does not make it any more true than does sending it out on social media - but it does not always feel that way. For some people, print lends an authority or genuineness to the message being communicated. There is not a law firm in the country that couldn't use some extra gravitas!

Once again, print is not a magic bullet (those do not exist at all in marketing, period) but it has several key characteristics that make it a very powerful and effective component of your law firm's marketing plan.

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