Super Lawyers Business Edition: Facebook's first GC, Ted Ullyot, brings legal and engineering teams together

Photo: Gregory Cowley

The 2012 Super Lawyers Business Edition, available as a digital edition, via app and in print, features a piece about Facebook Inc.'s general counsel, Ted Ullyot.

As the social media giant's first GC, Ullyot worked hard to integrate the legal department into the company and made sure to draw Facebook's lawyers closer to the engineers, even getting the department to participate in the company's hackathons. His inclusionary attitude is just part of his personality say those who know Ullyot well.

"Teddy goes out of his way to make everyone feel valued, wanted and included, and it's genuine," says Paul T. Cappuccio, general counsel at Time Warner and a longtime mentor who helped hire Ullyot at Kirkland & Ellis. "His incredibly intense Marine brother describes him as the sweetest soul on the planet. At a cocktail party, he'll go up to someone who's a little awkward and make him feel part of the gang. People who want to hate Ted Ullyot end up loving him."

To read more about Ullyot's legal work at the engineering company--and find out what his favorite football team is--check out the online article or view the piece in our digital mag.