Raymond A. Gill Jr.'s Tips on Connecting With Juries

Raymond A. Gill Jr., founder of Gill & Chamas personal injury firm in Woodbridge, is known for his impassioned connections with jurors. In the latest issue of New Jersey Super Lawyers & Rising Stars, we asked him how he does it.

A large part, clearly, is due to Gill's personality and persuasiveness--and his steadfast belief in each client's case. He also puts technology to good use.

"Jurors remember 80 percent of what they see and 20 percent of what they hear," Gill says. "The more you can integrate visuals into your presentation, the better the chance the jurors are going to recall what happened." He has a digital recording studio in his office building, and hires professional video producers. His staff videotapes every witness. Instead of asking for transcripts to be read back at trial, Gill clicks a remote control for video replays.

Still, Gill says lawyers who credit his success to technology are missing the point. "This is not rocket science," he says. "It's just preparation. Preparation and imagination and the drive to succeed."