Unflappable: Daphne Webb stays level in the emotionally charged area of family law

WISL11.jpgTo clients and colleagues, Wisconsin family law attorney Daphne Webb, of the firm Stafford Rosenbaum in Madison, is unflappable.

"She can remain emotionally detached in an emotionally charged situation," says one client, whose divorce was finalized last year. "She knows it's basically a business deal and doesn't let the emotions get in her way."

"Daphne is level," adds a family law colleague. "She's level and she's careful and she's prepared."

Unflappability is almost her mantra. "There is one piece of advice that I would give everybody," she says. "In fact, I'd put it across their forehead backward so that when they look in the mirror they'd see it every day. And that piece of advice is: Don't take things so personally."

She grew up in another era, a time when her parents didn't see the point in a woman becoming a professional; a time when there were only five women practicing law in Madison the year she graduated from law school (1973); a time when, as in one of her first cases, a woman who was fired from a job late in a pregnancy could not get unemployment benefits because she was, per se, unemployable.

Webb's story, and the story of her times, can be read in the latest issue of Wisconsin Super Lawyers & Rising Stars magazine.

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