Entertainment Lawyer Ken Abdo Strives to be Tom Hagen

Ken-Abdo-5209-RET-web-72dpi.jpgWhen you think entertainment lawyers you usually think New York or Los Angeles, not Minneapolis. But Ken Abdo of Lommen Abdo is changing that. Just ask chart-toppers Adam "Owl City" Young or Jonny Lang. They'll tell you their careers are being handled just fine by the man from 10,000 lakes (and songs).

"I picture myself as the general counsel of an artist's business," he says. "The artist is the CEO and I'm the consigliere--I'm Tom Hagen."

An artist needs a Tom Hagen these days to navigate the rapidly changing rules of the music industry. "There's a real question as to where it's all going," Abdo says. "But no matter what the distribution platforms might be, there's no real commerce in music without great content."

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