Texas Trial Lawyer Ophelia Camina on the Art of Elegant Evisceration


In an article in Texas Super Lawyers, trial lawyer Ophelia Camina of Susman Godfrey explains that the fact that juries don't want women to be brash or overbearing can work to her advantage since that isn't in her nature at all. Doesn't mean she's not out for the win, though.

"One of the great arts of being a trial lawyer is knowing how to cross-examine a person," she says. "What you want to do is to gut them, but you want to do it as quickly and elegantly as possible."

Her law professor at Notre Dame, James Seckinger, noticed her deceptive intensity early on. "Ophelia stood out because she's small and kind of quiet, but when she does something, she's very, very effective. Those types sneak up on you, and then when they bite, boy, the bite is really effective."

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