Marilena DiSilvio On Defending Caregivers

In the upcoming edition of Ohio Super Lawyers & Rising Stars, Cleveland attorney Marilena DiSilvio talks with us about her career at Reminger as a defense attorney for healthcare providers. The former nurse explains why she switched from a plaintiff's personal injury firm to a defense firm, and why she still has a lot of respect for the attorneys she faces off against in court.

"My heart is truly with the defense of doctors, hospitals, nurses and care providers. I think that there are very meritorious plaintiff's claims, so I don't want to disparage the plaintiff's bar by any stretch of the imagination," DiSilvio says. "But my bent is with the caregivers, in large part because I was one, albeit for a short period of time, and because of what I saw during that time in terms of people giving their all to save lives.

"At the end of the day, what I find is most often [a plaintiff's situation] is really not as a consequence of any caregiver negligence. The hardest thing to ever accept, for me and for juries, is that bad things can happen to good people. But sometimes they just do."