In Minnesota, You Can't Go Wrong Hiring a Paul Peterson

Peterson P.jpg

Paul D. Peterson will never forget the first case he won. That's because he didn't win it. Paul C. Peterson did.

"I remember getting a notice in the mail, which was sent to me by mistake," Paul D. Peterson (left), a personal injury attorney with Harper & Peterson, told us at the Minnesota Super Lawyers reception that took place in downtown Minneapolis on Aug. 31. "I was new at my firm so I took it in to my boss and said, 'Hey look, I'm already winning cases!"

He's won a lot of his own cases since, which is why he's on the Minnesota Super Lawyers Top 100 list.


Also on the list: Paul C. Peterson, a defense attorney with Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson. He has his own tales of being confused with his namesake. "I sometimes get calls from relatives of his who think they're talking to him and end up inviting me to family events," he says. "One of these times I'm going to show up."

We're glad they showed up at our reception.