Cincinnati Estate Lawyer Ruth Rounding On Client Relationships

In the upcoming issue of Ohio Super Lawyers & Rising Stars, estate attorney Ruth I. Rounding, with Kohnen & Patton in Cincinnati, tells how a fascination with problem-solving and crime shows led to a career in the law.

She also talked about the importance of building relationships with her clients:

"Most of my clients, I do work with for many years and do their estate plan and then go on and do the estate for the family. I often work with their children, and that's very satisfying. It's really helpful to know them over a number of years, and then I have the background of what we did before, how their assets changed. They had this executive job and then they retired, then they sold the house, then they bought the condo. It's easier, more efficient to work with someone in the 2nd and 3rd reiteration of their plan than to pick someone up from scratch and drop them, and then pick someone else up from scratch and drop them. I'd rather work with one family through each iteration, and then work with their children, and I know what their parents' plan is."