2011 Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers preview: Denise Henning's emphasis on mentoring


In the upcoming issue of Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers, we profile Denise Henning (pictured), a personal injury lawyer at The Henning Law Firm in Kansas City, Mo., who focuses on catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. Outside her practice, Henning, a cancer survivor, places great emphasis on mentoring young attorneys. In this excerpt from the forthcoming article, one of her mentees, Kelly McCambridge, of McCambridge Law, explains the first time she ever worked under Henning's guiding hand:

A young mother herself, and the daughter of cancer survivors, McCambridge immediately felt a connection to Henning. As McCambridge's first-ever trial approached, she confided in Henning that she was nervous. Henning offered to help. "She showed up and second-chaired the whole thing for me-she gave up a whole week of her practice ... and instead sat with me at that table," McCambridge says. Together, they achieved a verdict of just over $414,000 for the client-a woman who worked at a male-dominated, Korean-owned company and was discriminated against because of her gender, then fired after she complained. "When she first suggested going to trial with me, I said, 'I don't know if I can even accept this offer-it's so generous,'" McCambridge recalls. "She looked at me and said, 'Kelly, this is the fun part.'"