Marianne Short on Work-Life Balance In the Age of Constant Connectivity

We recently spoke with Dorsey & Whitney managing partner Marianne Short for a Q&A in this year's Minnesota Super Lawyers (available online, digitally, via app, and in magazine form). In this excerpt she discusses why she thinks mobile communication devices are both a blessing and a curse for lawyers today, and how she insists there be parameters at her firm.

Short_Marianne97x119.jpg[Technology] makes the practice of law very efficient and it gives a huge array of flexible time opportunities for lawyers, particularly young parents with children. But, that I can reach you at midnight to confirm what time our meeting is can be  invasive -- you would feel compelled to stop brushing your teeth to answer. So in a way we are able to get out of the office to be able do our work and yet the office is able to get into our vacations and our families and our T-ball games. It's been a blessing since people can work effectively while the young child is sleeping, but you do have to put some parameters on it or you never get away, even for a moment.