Super Lawyers offers alternative to U.S. News Law School Rankings

Next week, Super Lawyers will release its first ranking of law schools across America.

This may seem odd at first since Super Lawyers is not in the business of rating law schools. We rate lawyers. The process we use is "sophisticated, comprehensive and complex" in the words of Judge Robert Fall, the Special Master appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court to study and report on our selection methodology. 

We thought, however, it would be interesting to take a snapshot of all the lawyers we selected for Super Lawyers in 2009 and see what law schools produced this cream-of-the-crop 5 percent. One thing that is lacking from other law school rankings is any indication of what type of lawyers are ultimately produced by the schools on the lists.

Our methodology is quite simple: We count the number of graduates from each school on our list and rank the schools accordingly. We don't look at LSAT scores or bar passage rates or the number of books in the library. In fact, we don't look at the schools at all. The only thing we focus on is the end product -- the practicing attorney. 

I'll announce the rankings here next week. You may find a few surprises.