August 2009 Archives

Above the Law turns 3

 The gossipy, irreverent, and occasionally, newsbreaking blog Above the Law celebrates its third anniversary today. In looking over the debut post, Letter from the Editor, from three years ago, we have to say the blog has certainly remained true to its mission of having fun with the law. Happy anniversary to one of our favorite sites!

Washington state's top law schools

 The University of Washington has the most graduates on this year's Washington Super Lawyers list (248 graduates, or 23 percent of the list). Check out our list of the ten law schools that produced the most graduates on the 2009 list. 

Super Lawyers in the News: Minnesota legend Harry Sieben

Great article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Harry Sieben (Minnesota Super Lawyers 1991 to present), now stepping down as managing partner of Sieben, Grose, Von Holtum & Carey -- the "Know your rights" law firm.