University of Florida Law School is Head of the Class in Sunshine State

The University of Florida Levin College of Law had the most graduates on the 2009 Florida Super Lawyers listwith 762 of its graduates or 26 percent of the Super Lawyers roster for Florida.    The University of Miami ranked second with 447 Super Lawyers graduates or 15 percent of the state’s total.  The University of Florida is also the top Florida school in the U.S. News & World Report rankings coming in at number 51 in the nation. The University of Miami was ranked number 71 in the nation by US News.

The big surprise in theSuper Lawyers graduate count is Stetson University which ranked third with 244 Super Lawyers graduates or 8 percent of the list, beating out Florida State which came in fourth with 211 Super Lawyers graduates or 7 percent of the Florida roster.   According to U.S. News, Florida State is ranked number 52 in the nation while Stetson is a third tier school and is not given a ranking (U.S. News ranks the Top 100 in the nation, and places the rest of the schools in tiers 3 and 4). I won't quibble with the U.S. News rankings except to suggest that in terms of producing quality lawyers, Florida now has four top tier schools.

Click here to see a complete list of schools with the most graduates on the 2009 Florida Super list 

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UF, FSU, Miami and Stetson are all fine schools. Perhaps one reason why FSU has a disproportionately low number of Super Lawyers is the nature of the law school and its students -- extremely academic. Certainly Stetson, and to a lesser degree Miami, focuses on litigation, a very visible practice area. FSU is like "graduate school" while Stetson emphasizes trial practice. Many FSU grads go into politics, government, teaching and the judiciary, so they may not be nearly as visible in the traditional lawyer community as UF, Miami and Stetson graduates. That does not mean that FSU doesn't deserve its # 52 ranking, or that FSU-trained lawyers are not as good as those from the other state's other major law schools. As well, Stetson's "third tier" rank is ridiculous. Every Stetson graduate that I know is a terrific lawyer.