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FTC Staff Weighs in on Proposed Restrictions to Attorney Advertising

The Federal Trade Commission Office of Policy Planning, Bureau of Consumer Protection and Bureau of Economics submitted instructive comments on New York's Proposed Amendment to Rules Governing Attorney Advertisement. The comments take a strong stand against "overly broad" provisions and restrictions against truthful advertising. The authors say:

Update: Wednesday, September 13

On Wednesday, September 13, 2006, theSupreme Court of New Jersey granted Super Lawyers, New Jersey Monthlyand the New Jersey Bar Association status in their Petitions inopposition to Opinion 39.  We thank the Supreme Court for thisopportunity to defend our reputation.  We , as members of the press,hold ourselves to high standards of editorial integrity, and lookforward to this opportunity to present those standards to the Court --and for the first time, to the New Jersey Committee on AttorneyAdvertising.