Looking to reach that digital audience? Purchase a Recognition Video Plaque today

Being named to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list is no small feat. Those selected can maximize the attention that comes with these honors. Awards and recognitions are what the marketing world calls third-party validations, and they can be extremely valuable marketing tools for attorneys. Third-party validations help you stand out in an increasingly competitive legal market.

We all know the benefits of industry recognition. It establishes trust and confirms your credibility as an attorney. It attests to your services and skill, and it reaffirms your current relationships with clients and others.

Such validations play into a consumer's psychology. Look at how people make their buying decisions. In the case of legal help, consumers are asking: What can I find out on the Internet about this attorney? Who do my friends and family recommend? How is this attorney compare with other attorneys I've looked at?

A new video product is available to leverage your Super Lawyers accolade in a clear and concise manner to the digital world. The Recognition Video Plaque is a customized, professionally produced video to help you announce your Super Lawyers selection via your firm's website, social media channels, office lobby monitor and more.

Designed as a one-minute, high-definition clip, the Recognition Video Plaque packs a lot of punch. Its personalized introduction includes your name, photo, firm name, current selection year and top list. Viewers hear details about the patented selection process and the video closes with your customized contact information.

A Super Lawyers Recognition Video Plaque provides you visibility that is:

· Current. Promote your latest year of selection to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list.

· Validated. Showcase our third-party validation of your accomplishments to potential and current clients strengthening credibility of your practice.

· Extensive. Publicize your achievement to various audiences via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Learn more about the Super Lawyers Recognition Video Plaque here, and purchase one today at https://my.superlawyers.com