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Remembering Hennepin County Bar Members in Court and in Words

Tamara Hjelle Olsen, the first female managing officer of Gray Plant Mooty in Minneapolis, where she joined in 1986 after attending Harvard Law School, and a Minnesota's Top 100 Super Lawyers honoree, died last summer after a year-long battle with cancer at age 51.

Olsen's story was one of 29 compiled in a booklet for the Hennepin County Bar Association's Bar Memorial on April 11 to commemorate members of the bar who have died in the past year or so. Every year about springtime, the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District sets aside a court date to remember them, a tradition that, in some way, has been around since the 1930s, says Tom Nelson, the chair of the HCBA's Bar Memorial Committee.

"It's a special session of the Hennepin County District Court," Nelson says. "So, it's actually a session of the court with the robed judges and the chief judge of the Hennepin County District Court presiding. ...[It's a] meaningful moment for the Hennepin County Bar."

The lawyers' stories were written by family, friends or colleagues and organized and compiled by the committee, which works with the HCBA staff to make the memorial happen each year.

"Every lawyer has somebody remembering them with great stories and some are funny and some are poignant and some are sad," Nelson said. "The people who write the memorials are very, very careful about writing. It's a family member or a partner or a dear friend so that the memorials that are written are very, very special."

The bar members commemorated this year included veterans of the armed forces, senators, school board members, parents and business owners. They saw the Great Depression, the Vietnam War and 9/11. Many dedicated several decades to the profession. One man even celebrated his 101st birthday.

The committee gathers photographs of them, which are displayed in the atrium at the event. During the proceedings, the president-elect usually reads off all of the names, a wind ensemble or vocalist performs and someone always gives a speech.

This year, University of St. Thomas School of Law Dean Thomas M. Mengler delivered the main address. "Indeed, in the words of Mother Theresa, we learn from these men and women to 'be faithful in small things, because it is in them that your strength lies,'" says the transcription of the speech in the booklet.

"Many of you who are here today remember those times when your loved one was late coming home because he or she was taking a few more minutes to talk to the new attorney in the adjoining office," the speech continues. "These small things are perhaps the greatest contribution of this group of lawyers whom we honor today."

One point that was echoed throughout the booklet: they will be dearly missed.

"What I think is especially unique about [the memorial]," Nelson says, "is it's a very thoughtful way of remembering lawyers who passed away and it's a very special way of seeing how unique and remarkable the lawyers in our community are. It's really a remarkable group of men and women who are in the legal profession and I think it's a good reminder for all of us."

For more information on the memorial and the booklet go here.

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The Dream Team

Bush v. Gore may have divided the country, but it brought together the two attorneys arguing it: Theodore B. Olson of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, an assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration and future solicitor general for President George W. Bush; and David Boies of Boies, Schiller & Flexner, a former aide to Sen. Ted Kennedy, who represented the government in U.S. v. Microsoft. In the aftermath of the 2000 election the two men became friends, sharing summer bike trips with their wives and an interest in wine. And in 2009, they famously teamed up in the Proposition 8 case, winning back the right for same-sex couples to marry in California.

In January, Super Lawyers Magazine sat down with Boies and Olson at the Four Seasons in New York City for a wide-ranging discussion about marriage equality, law firm culture, what each looks for in a new hire and the future of the billable hour.


Q: What advice would you have for a young man or woman looking to go to law school in this environment?

Boies: Even before they decide to go, I'd say, "Why are you going?" If you're going to get a really good education that will teach you to think and solve problems, regardless of whether you practice law or not, that's a good reason to go. If you're interested in the justice system, that's an even better reason to go. If you're just trying to mark time, that's a poor reason to go.

Olson: Don't go to law school because you want to make lots of money. There are other ways to make lots of money. If you really get a bang out of practicing law and solving problems and trying to persuade and doing something very creative, and if you like the history and you like the law and you like the structure of our legal system, then you're going to be spending your life doing things that you like. That's the only reason to do it.

Q: Is that what you're looking for when recent law school graduates try to get jobs at your firms?

Olson: Absolutely. You want people that really love to work, and want to work hard, and have manifested, through their achievement in college and law school, that they have the ability to think these problems through. It's the enthusiasm. You can see it in their eyes. 

By Erik Lundegaard and Cindy Larson (2014 Washington D.C. Super Lawyers Magazine)

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