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Introducing the 2014 Super Lawyers Business Edition Digital Magazine

The 2014 Super Lawyers Business Edition is here! This annual publication includes exceptional attorneys from over 9,000 firms who have mastered their skills in five different business-related practice areas: Business & Transactions; Construction, Real Estate and Environmental; Employment; Intellectual Property; and Business Litigation.

Tom Kline -- Bringing it All Back Home

TomKline.jpgTom Kline has been our number one rated attorney in Pennsylvania every year since 2004, when we first started rating attorneys in the state. He was our first cover subject and is a founding and current member of the Super Lawyers national advisory board.

Connect with Motivated Clients as the Expert in Your Field

Looking to highlight your expertise to a group of consumers at an affordable price? Our Ask Super Lawyers Answer Page allows you to showcase your knowledge in a specific area of law with a state-specific question and answer set. This product is only available to attorneys that have been selected to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list (from any year).

Sharing Excellence at the Super Lawyers Advisory Board Retreat

Super Lawyers recently completed its 2014 Advisory Board Retreat, held October 17-19 in Rancho Mirage, California. Attendees included 18 members of the National Advisory Board along with Super Lawyers and FindLaw management.

Super Lawyers Goes Mobile

Mobile_1.jpgAs the Smartphone market continues to grow with no signs of slowing down, it is extremely important to ensure that mobile users are served content formatted for mobile devices giving them the best user experience possible. After all, mobile web users want answers and are generally on-the-go and looking for specific, timely information.

The Dream Team

Bush v. Gore may have divided the country, but it brought together the two attorneys arguing it: Theodore B. Olson of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, an assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration and future solicitor general for President George W. Bush; and David Boies of Boies, Schiller & Flexner, a former aide to Sen. Ted Kennedy, who represented the government in U.S. v. Microsoft. In the aftermath of the 2000 election the two men became friends, sharing summer bike trips with their wives and an interest in wine. And in 2009, they famously teamed up in the Proposition 8 case, winning back the right for same-sex couples to marry in California.

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It should come as no surprise that the most popular method of finding a lawyer today is via...you guessed it...the Internet. It has given prospective clients the ability to thoroughly evaluate any attorney or firm. A potential client is looking for more than just a link to your website. The most critical and strategic thing you can do is to influence what a prospective client will see when they do a Google search.

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Related Stories

Hugging It Out with Teresa Wynn Roseborough

The self-described Brown v. Board of Education baby embraces The Home Depot

Home_Depot2.jpg"One of my primary role models as a student-and now-is Thurgood Marshall," she says, as shorthand for her sociopolitical ideals. She calls herself "basically a nerd lawyer, interested in the nuts and bolts of the Constitution."

During her 25-plus years in the field, Roseborough has balanced public service with success in the private sector, as a partner at the firm of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, and then in several roles at MetLife Inc., including deputy general counsel and senior chief counsel for litigation and compliance, where she first startled Yannett and other executives with her demonstrative greetings. Adds her former MetLife colleague, Sheila Murphy, "Teresa loves to dig in obsessively and get down and dirty with the details, regardless of how large or small the case is. She doesn't think she is above any task."

In October 2011, Roseborough joined The Home Depot as executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary. She is responsible for all legal functions of the world's largest home improvement retailer, which also ranks as Georgia's biggest company by revenue as well as one of the Southeast's most effective engines of philanthropy.

"What really attracted me to Home Depot is that it's a values-driven company," she says from her modestly decorated office with a view of the leafy outskirts of Atlanta.

"The culture here is thoroughly committed to doing the right thing, at every level."

Written by Candice Dyer
Photo by Stan Kaady 

Excerpt taken for 2014 Super Lawyers Businees Edition. Read the fulle article here

Introducing the 2014 Super Lawyers Business Edition Digital Magazine

The 2014 Super Lawyers Business Edition is here! This annual publication includes exceptional attorneys from over 9,000 firms who have mastered their skills in five different business-related practice areas: Business & Transactions; Construction, Real Estate and Environmental; Employment; Intellectual Property; and Business Litigation.


Distributed to over 55,000 in-house counsel and executives, as well as online at Business.SuperLawyers.com, the magazine serves as the go-to guide for executives in charge of making legal hiring decisions. The attorneys included are selected by Super Lawyers using a patented selection process.

The 2014 Super Lawyers Business Edition Contains:

  • Lists of law firms that include attorneys who were selected to Super Lawyers in 2014 within business-related practice areas
  • Top law firms in solo, small, medium and large firm sizes from each state within specific business-related practice groups
  • Spotlights on firms that receive outstanding results for their corporate clients

In addition this year we are honored to profile the general counsels of some of America's leading companies, including:

We also included a story that examines best practices for general counsels and outside counsel. We spoke to GCs including Leslie M. Turner of The Hershey Company, John Page of Golden State Foods and Ona Alston Dosunmu of the Brooking Institution, as well as outside counsel. What followed was a frank conversation about alternative fee structuring, the need for constant communication and the critical importance of an outside counsel who has all seen it before.

We hope you enjoy the 2014 Super Lawyers Business Edition. For more information visit Business.SuperLawyers.com.

Defending People after the Worst Day of Their Life

Criminal defense attorney Margaret Sind Raben of Gurewitz & Raben shares stories of incorrect paperwork, double jeopardy and the legal definition of a dating relationship. 

Q: Did you do criminal defense from the start?

Raben.jpgA: When I first started practicing, I did a small amount of family law-primarily divorce and some insurance defense work. The end of my family law practice occurred when I was representing a young man who was in the process of divorcing his wife, and they'd only been married a couple of years, no kids. They were dividing up their property, and neither one of them was willing to give up the microwave oven.I remember saying to my client, "This is absolutely stupid. You are paying me $100 an hour to fight about a kitchen appliance that you can buy at Kmart for $100." And he kept saying, "It's the principle of the thing," and I kept saying, "No. There's no principle here. We are going to end this. I will buy you a microwave oven."When we got done with it, I remember looking out the window and thinking, "I can't do this anymore. I just cannot be fighting over kitchen appliances."

Q: Do your clients often offend again?

A: Some do. Some don't. [Many] recognize that they are on very thin ice. People get charged with crimes often as a result of the worst day in their life. Here's a good example.My client was charged with assaulting her boyfriend with a knife during a fight. This is felonious assault. It's a four-year felony. My client has no criminal history, and frankly, if she gets convicted of a four-year felony, she's going to have a terrible time getting a job and getting into school.The case is being charged under one of Michigan's domestic violence laws. In order for her to be convicted under domestic violence assault, rather than simple assault, they have to prove that these two people are in a dating relationship. That doesn't require that you be married, but it requires that you be in a relationship characterized by affection and involvement.

Q: What's one of the challenges of your job?

A: Many times federal clients have prior state criminal histories, so I have to know what to look for in the documentation on that, which is sometimes wrong. It is not uncommon to find mistakes in the documentation of a case. In fact, in state criminal cases earlier than say 1980, the paperwork, I'd say, is probably wrong a third of the time: transcription errors, incorrect references to charging statutes. It was at a time when everything was done by hand.I've had judges say to me, "Well, how did this happen?" I feel like saying, "Look. It's your court, OK? You tell me." 

By: Emily White Photo: Scott Stewart 

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