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Super Lawyers Selectees Pick Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Their #1 Choice for Lunch Date

The dream of noshing with a Supreme Court justice would seem to be the ultimate lunch date. But which justice? And where would you take them? Super Lawyers, part of Thomson Reuters, surveyed 99 of the top lawyers in the U.S. and asked them, "Which U.S. Supreme Court justice would you take to lunch? And where?"

Recapping February's Super Lawyers Magazine Releases

February is coming to a close and we wanted to share with you a bit about the editorial subjects for the four magazines released this month: 2015 Georgia Super Lawyers Magazine, 2015 Indiana Super Lawyers Magazine, 2015 San Diego Super Lawyers Magazine and the 2015 North Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine.

Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2014 Super Lawyers Pro Bono Awards

Super Lawyers is excited to announce the eight recipients of the 2014 Super Lawyers Pro Bono Awards. The Awards honor legal professionals, students, schools and institutions that exemplify excellence in the practice of law through offering volunteer legal services to the poor, disadvantaged or exploited.

How to Participate in the Selection Process

In April 2013, the Super Lawyers selection process received a patent (U.S. Pat. No. 8,412,564) from The United States Patent and Trademark Office. This distinction is relevant to both attorneys and consumers, as it further demonstrates credibility as an impartial third-party rating system.

Be Immersed in Legal Pop Culture with "Word for Word"

When paging through the latest Super Lawyers Magazine, don't forget to stop by the "Word for Word" highlight at the beginning of each issue. "Word for Word" showcases three attorneys and asks them a question ranging from "Which television or film star do you most identify with?" to "Which U.S. Supreme Court Justice would you take to lunch? And where?"

Standing out in the Crowd: The Value of a Rising Stars List Selection

When it comes to the ever-changing legal landscape, youth isn't always associated with success. For some young lawyers, the industry is more exciting and dynamic than ever, with technology bringing about rapid change and new opportunities in the practice of law. For others, doubt has crept in when thinking about their path to success. Attorneys face extraordinary competition for a shrinking number of positions, record levels of law school debt and uncertainly about whether their ambitious career goals are realistic.

Check out the January Super Lawyers Digital Magazine Releases

January is a busy month for Super Lawyers with the release of four magazines: 2015 Ohio & Kentucky Super Lawyers Magazine, 2015 Maryland Super Lawyers Magazine, 2015 Louisiana Super Lawyers Magazine and the 2015 Illinois Super Lawyers Magazine. Going forward, we'll be posting a blog each month to give you a preview of each magazine at the time of release. These posts will feature front cover stories, briefs and question & answer highlights. 

Super Lawyers Presents New Website Dedicated to Law Schools

It seems like everywhere you turn someone has an opinion on law school: is it worth the investment? What type of law should you study? Where should you go? Our new website helps prospective students begin their research by targeting the top five things they should consider when selecting a law school:

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Magazine Advertising Doesn't Take a Vacation

It seems like everywhere you turn someone has an opinion on magazine advertising. Some say it's too expensive, outdated or difficult to track return on investment.

Did you know magazines rank #1 out of 16 mediums for consumers having a positive and credible impression of advertising*? In addition, 53% of magazine readers took action or had a more favorable opinion about an advertiser because of magazine advertising*.

The best way to market your law firm is to utilize as many channels as possible to reach every corner of your target demographic-including print. In fact, print magazine readership is more consistent across generations than other media**. Magazines influence and inspire their readers.

"There's something about being on the printed page that verifies you in a lot of ways in people's minds, with both those who are not even within the industry and those that are in the industry-your peers," said Johnny (J.D) Cargill, Director of Marketing and Communications with the Lanier Law Firm. "It means something. And so, yes, we've actually received business from being included in Super Lawyers."

SXSLRS15_SPSM_Cover_Blog.jpgReach Massive Audiences with Super Lawyers Magazine

Super Lawyers print advertising offers an exclusive opportunity to reach a relevant audience, whether you're seeking new clients or attorney referrals. Expand your visibility and benefit from third-party validation by being seen in the following publications:

Super Lawyers Magazine

Distributed to lawyers in major markets across the U.S. and the ABA-accredited law school libraries, this magazine is your best resource for attorney referrals and greater visibility in the legal community. With 33 different issues published each year, total distribution reaches over 1.05 million attorneys annually.

Special Sections in Consumer Publications

Reach an engaged group of affluent consumers in more than 54 city and state regional magazines or newspaper supplements. For example, all 2015 Minnesota selected attorneys will also appear in a special section in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine.

Super Lawyers Special Editions

Stand out among your competition to an audience of more than 10 million consumers in 12 different magazines. A special August 2015 Super Lawyers section in Delta Sky magazine will feature consumer-facing content exploring issues related to pharmaceutical and medical device litigation.

Super Lawyers Business Edition

Super Lawyers Business Edition is an annual resource that serves as the go-to guide for making legal hiring decisions. It is distributed to over 55,000 general counsel and executives across the United States and London.

Perhaps you are a female and are selected to the 2015 Minnesota Super Lawyers list. You have the unique opportunity to maximize your visibility to nearly 6 million readers in the following magazines:

  • Minnesota Super Lawyers Magazine - 20,000 attorneys (August 2015)
  • Mpls.St.Paul Magazine - 333,000 readers (August 2015)
  • Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, The Top Women Attorneys in Minnesota special section - 333,000 readers (April 2016)
  • Twin Cities Business magazine - 75,000 readers (August 2015)
  • Super Lawyers Business Edition - 55,000 readers (November 2015)
  • Delta Sky magazine - 5.4 million readers (August 2015)

At the end of the day magazine advertising has staying power and is a vital part of the overall marketing mix. Super Lawyers print advertising works in all sizes and positions to fit the needs of any firm. To learn more about all of our opportunities, click here.

*The Magazine Factbook

**The Association of Magazine Media

Get to Know the 2014 Super Lawyers Pro Bono Award Recipients

From now until early May, we'll be highlighting all the 2014 Pro Bono Award recipients on what inspires them to help those in need. Today we invite you to meet attorneys Kathleen Gasparian and Gary Udashen.

Gasparian Immigration, New Orleans, LA

Founding partner of Gasparian Immigration, a firm providing immigration representation to businesses, organizations, and families, Kathleen is committed to helping Central American children living in the New Orleans area. In July 2014, she and her colleagues created PB&J: Pro Bono to find, train, mentor and support attorneys willing to take on cases for immigrant children who have recently crossed the U.S. Southern border and who cannot afford legal services. The project has grown to a network of almost 200 volunteers, including attorneys, interpreters, government workers and judges. In the first round of the project, pro bono counsel was provided to over 60 children.

Is there some sort of bond you have with your community that tells a story of why you do what you do?
"Our community looks out for each other - especially in times of adversity. I am honored to be a New Orleanian, and I am proud of how the community has responded to the children coming to our city. Everyone I come across offers to help in some way. PB&J happened because of all the help and effort that other New Orleanians put into the project."

Sorrels, Udashen & Anton, Dallas, TX

Gary Udashen, partner at Sorrels, Udashen & Anton, is well known as a criminal appellate specialist and was one of the first lawyers in the State of Texas to be board certified in criminal appellate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. As President of the Innocence Project of Texas, Gary is dedicated to securing the release of those wrongfully convicted of crimes in Texas and educating the public about the causes and effects of wrongful convictions. In 2014, he helped to obtain the exoneration and dismissal of charges against Rickey Wyatt, who served 27 years in prison for a sexual assault he did not commit. Rickey Wyatt is the tenth wrongfully convicted person Mr. Udashen has helped to exonerate and free from prison.

What inspires you to be an advocate for those wrongly convicted?
"I believe in the American criminal justice system. I also think that the system usually reaches the correct outcome. However it is clear that there are many cases where the system has failed to achieve justice. Being in a position to help to correct the mistakes and injustices that occur in the criminal justice system seems like a natural outgrowth of the work I have done throughout my career."

Congratulations again to all our 2014 Super Lawyers Pro Bono Award recipients. We invite you to read more about them here and watch for the Pro Bono Super Lawyers Digital Magazine coming out in May!

Super Lawyers Selectees Pick Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Their #1 Choice for Lunch Date

The dream of noshing with a Supreme Court justice would seem to be the ultimate lunch date. But which justice? And where would you take them? Super Lawyers, part of Thomson Reuters, surveyed 99 of the top lawyers in the U.S. and asked them, "Which U.S. Supreme Court justice would you take to lunch? And where?"


Answers ranged from Fat Matt's Rib Shack in Atlanta with Justice Kagan ("She's from New York City, and I think she needs to eat some barbecue."), to Rami's falafel restaurant on Harvard Street with Justice Breyer ("Since I know he is from Boston."), to Hussong's Cantina in Baja, Mexico with Justice Scalia ("After a few more beers, we may start to agree on things.").

The most popular fantasy lunch date was Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with 20 invites, followed by Antonin Scalia with 15. One creative attorney suggested the two of them as a joint lunch date. "They are so ideologically diverse and yet the best of friends socially," he said. "I think there's a lot to be learned for Republicans and Democrats in the current, partisan divide."



Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Antonin Scalia


Sonia Sotomayor


Clarence Thomas


John Roberts


Elena Kagan


Anthony Kennedy


Stephen Breyer


Samuel Alito, Jr.


Nine retired or deceased justices received votes, including Sandra Day O'Connor (nine), John Paul Stevens (four), Earl Warren (three), and two each for David Souter and Oliver Wendell Holmes ("Not just because of his brilliance, but the totality of his life experiences."), whom one attorney suggested introducing to the Waffle House ("He might be more talkative over grits and hash browns.").

"Every year, we ask a question of three top attorneys in each region of the U.S., and the lawyers who responded to this one made some great choices," said Erik Lundegaard, editor in chief, Super Lawyers. "Interestingly, many went with a justice they disagreed with. Lawyers being lawyers, they wanted to argue. So a choice for lunch date, like a retweet, isn't necessarily an endorsement. But it would still make for great conversation in a unique location. Who wouldn't want that in a lunch date?"

Be sure to visit http://www.superlawyers.com/about/digital_magazine.html to see all the Super Lawyers Magazine digital editions. 

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